Crown Maintenance


Crown Maintenance

The crown of a tree needs to be maintained in order to ensure that your garden is getting enough light and that the tree’s branches have not decayed to a level that is hazardous to the surrounding area. Also, to ensure that the branches have not overgrown and become too top heavy for the tree’s structure and integrity.

Crown Lifting

This is achieved by selectively pruning or removing lower branches of a tree to raise the height of the crown. This increases the distance between ground level and the trees lower canopy, creating a uniformed height.

This is done to create more light and space for gardens and lawns, enabling access to the bottom of the tree and to support a balanced lower crown.





Crown Reduction

Is the process of cutting branches back to a suitable growth point. This allows the whole tree and crown size to be reduced while still maintaining the shape of the tree. It allows more space and light in your garden as well as controlling the tree’s size.

Crown reduction is sometimes considered when the root systems of a tree has substantially decayed making it potentially hazardous. It should not be considered as a preventative measure for storm or high wind weather as crown thinning is recommended for this.


Crown Thinning

Is the selective pruning of a tree’s canopy without reducing the overall height of the tree. It involves removing a number of secondary branches in a way that produces a balanced structure without altering the overall size and shape of the tree.

Often this process is undertaken to compensate for structural defects or simply to create more light and allow more air to flow through the canopy. More air and sunlight means a dryer environment which pests find harder to colonize and enhances plant growth beneath the canopy.





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