Our main objective is to be eco-friendly and reduce our clients environmental footprint. We try to minimize disturbances to wildlife and their habitat and recycle as much waste as possible. As a green business we strive at protecting, preserving and conserving the environment.

Our knowledge of tree biology enables us to minimise the stresses placed on trees whilst we work on them. We aim to retain, treat and maintain tress wherever possible, however if removal is required we will advise options for replanting.

Wherever possible we encourage the use of recycled material that arises from the work. Logs can be cut for fire wood and mulch can be prepared to ameliorate soil, especially around the base of the trees where it can act as a fertilizer and reduce soil compaction.


Work Health and Safety

We are proactive and committed in providing a high standard of Health and Safety. As well as delivering a professional and expertise service that is aligned with the Australian Standards, Quality Assurance and Work Health Safety Regulations 2011.

All works carried out are in accordance with Australian Standards and Codes of Practice, NSW WorkCover, Pruning of Amenity Trees AS4373 – 2007. All Manual Tree Felling operations are in accordance with the requirements of the Australian Standard 2727 Chainsaws – Guide to Safe Working Practices.

Bohmers Tree Care is a member of Arboriculture Australia and is an active participant in the 2015 NSW SafeWork Mentoring Program.

Did you know that engaging in unqualified workers puts you at risk of liability should anything happen on yours property?

Bohmers Tree Care $20 million Public Liability, Professional Indemnity and WorkCover Insurances are fully validated by employing qualified staff.

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