Mulching offers multiple benefits to your trees and landscaped plants by:

  • replicating their natural environment

  • conserving moisture

  • improving soil structure

  • reducing soil compaction

  • increasing soil aeration

  • increasing available nutrients

  • aids the growth of symbiotic fungi and beneficial micro organisms

How to Mulch

Nobody likes to see unwanted nuisance plants growing up through recently spread mulching material. Clumps of matted grass and weeds only serve to frustrate and annoy the average gardener. So if you are planning to landscape using mulch preparation is the key word.

Whilst the grass at Wembley stadium certainly looks good, grass has no place in a mulched area. If the concept is to improve the environment for your trees and plants remember grass is very competitive for water and nutrients in the soil. So before any mulch is spread, the area should be prepared. Remove grass and weeds from the proposed area before applying mulch. Personally I recommend getting on your hands and knees and pulling the unwanted out by hand. With hardy yearly weeds I recommend cutting close to surface and covering with wet newspaper. If one had enough newspaper hanging around I’d suggest the whole area be covered with it. It is far easier to pluck weeds from news paper.

Weed matting has many qualities and we often use it on large areas prior to leaf mulching. The mulching material should be applied correctly, if the mulch is too deep or if the wrong material is used it can cause harm to your trees and other landscape plants. Mulch should only be circa 100mm deep (when settled) and should not come into direct contact with the trunk or stems of your trees and plants. After mulching the fruiting bodies of various fungi will appear…..but do not stress! These fungi feed on mulch and increase the pace of composting. They are not a threat to the health of your plants and are more likely to reduce the presence of Pathogenic Fungi.

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