Australian Tree Climbing Competitions

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It was a great week in Adelaide for Arboriculture Australia Conference.

Most importantly it was great to see all the climbers giving it ago at the championships. Well done to everyone who entered!

Congratulations to Jessica Knott and Barton Allen-Hall who showed us all how it’s really done.

And many thanks to all the guys who sponsored the events.

Tree Climbing Competitions are a great way to learn about the latest in climbing techniques and equipment.

Tree climbing is not just about how fast someone can climb up a tree, its about their ability to do it safely.

Being an arborist for over 20 years, its fantastic to see how this field of work has become a respected profession. In the old days it wasn’t really classified as a job, rather than one step up from being a gardener. I remember being 14 years old and being taught by my stepfather, one of the best in those times. Oh… times have changed.

Check out the short documentary from The Project… whole 5 seconds Claim to Fame!