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Bohmer’s Tree Care is an innovative and award-winning, locally owned family business with over 30 years international arboriculture experience.

We pride ourselves on providing clients with modern, professional and safe arboriculture services to the highest of industry standards.

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How severe heat followed by huge rainfall can affect trees’ health – and your safety (Video Tip)

February 14, 2020
How can severe dry weather followed by a heavy downpour of rain cause a safety hazard in trees’ branches? With all this wild weather we’ve been having, here’s a word of warning from Bohmer and why pruning can help prevent any accidents.
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Car Carnage following Wild Wollongong Winds

February 14, 2020
Check out the damage this Eucalyptus Tree did to these workers’ cars after the wild winds around Wollongong recently! Just another day in the life of an Arborist…      Luckily they owners had only just parked their cars to go into the office – then this happened.
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Bushfires: How best to protect your home

February 6, 2020
We’re often asked what the best ways are to prepare and protect your home from bushfires – here’s some excellent advice from the RFS (at their website rfs.nsw.gov.au) we’d strongly advise you to take some time out to read (a few minutes could save your home, lives and livelihood!). Even if your plan is to leave early, the more you prepare your home the more likely it will survive a bushfire or ember attack, whilst making it easier for you or firefighters to defend and is less likely to put your neighbours’ homes at risk.
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