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Safety is key around trees

Last month was National Safety Month in Australia, which aims to remind people who work in all industries to ‘stay safe’ in all that they do. We were delighted to be up for another Safety Award, this time with the respected National Safety Council of Australia (see Bohmer’s blog for more).

As most of you would be aware, there is a significant high risk factor involved when not only working with trees – which has resulted in a significant amount of tragic accidents – but also caused by not taking care of trees on your both private and public properties.

Last week we removed a tree in that was in danger of collapsing on those who could have been walking near it or sitting underneath it. This is a regular part of our job; to inspect trees’ health and see if it’s possible to keep it alive and safe or if best to remove it either in part or in total.

It was a good thing that the property owners took the initiative to have us inspect it before any accidents occurred. Not only did it mean that this would prevent the common accidents that do happen by not having it inspected (and then treated or removed), but also meant that by having a registered, qualified and safe arborist and crew carry out the inspection and job that the safest procedures were in place, resulting in prevention of injury (or any insurance liability) to workers, you and your family or visitors to your home.

Do the right thing – engage a qualified and registered arborist to carry out the job correctly and safely.