Camp Convoy 2015

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Just looking back at our year, we can honestly say that Camp Convoy 2015 was one of the best events that brought communities together to help others. It was just an honor to be part of the experience. We had a great family day being involved in the Camp Convoy this year, a very emotional but enthused and motivated atmosphere. We look forward to taking part next year!

Our little boy thought it was the ‘best’ day ever and still talks about seeing all those motorbikes and trucks! It was such a great experience to have been part of the biggest fundraiser in the Illawarra and to have it all go to the kids just made it so worth while. Everyone sometimes forgets and takes life for granted, we go about our life day in and day out. So it was especially nice to take time out of our life to help the lives of all those children that have to suffer with Cancer everyday.


For all those children and families we keep you in our prayers…