Car Carnage following Wild Wollongong Winds

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Check out the damage this Eucalyptus Tree did to these workers’ cars after the wild winds around Wollongong recently! Just another day in the life of an Arborist… 



Luckily they owners had only just parked their cars to go into the office – then this happened. No-one was hurt, thankfully. We were called to the scene soon after to remove the tree and make the area safe. Our famous ‘Enterprise’ Chipper did the job again, chipping and mulching the remainder of what we had to remove for re-use.

Stay safe everyone! Hopefully the worst of it is over – and it’s just the rain following that drought and bushfires that we got, not those horrid wild winds that can cause havoc.

If you do need emergency assistance however, we are available 24/7 so don’t hesitate to contact us.