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Bohmer's Tree Care Govt Interview

We were delighted to be interviewed by the Australian Government Department of Industry, Innovation & Science, who have partnered with Mr Mark Bouris to highlight how businesses across all industries around the country are using digital technology to grow.

A camera and interview crew came from the Govt’s capital of Canberra to chat to us at Bohmer’s HQ in central Wollongong about all things technology across our operations.

It’s certainly been a learning curve, so it was great to be able to share our wins and losses and advice with other businesses who are unsure about the best way forward in this area, which can certainly be overwhelming particularly for the less digital savvy or traditional ‘bricks and mortar’ or trades-based businesses in regional areas, like ours.

A highlight for us in utilising digital technology in our operations is the flexibility it has allowed us as a local family business and our staff, most of whom are also parents.

We’re looking forward to seeing the end result and sharing it with you, so keep an eye out!