Liquid Amber Tree smashes through Granny Flat

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We received a call from the SES to say that a branch from a Liquid Amber Tree had fallen into someone’s granny flat during the wild winds earlier this year.

Luckily no one was hurt, however we removed a branch that had fallen over the top of a stained glass roof and, thanks to more meticulous work by the team, no glass was broken.

The image shows the recovered branch, which once snapped we can see inside how weak it was – it would have been impossible to see this with the naked eye.

It has two relatively equal sized parts (branches) sharing one primary section, with the white wood ‘holding’ the wood yet the black wood representing ‘dead’ wood, as there’s no actual vascular connection. The brown in the centre of the end of the wood shows it’s slowly dying.

Considering that this white ‘healthy’ wood area is all that was holding up this beast of a tree weighing around a tonne and half, it’s no wonder that it snapped!

Give me a call if you’re worried about the health of your trees, particularly coming into the wild Winter weather and let’s keep our homes, families and communities safe.

(Also published in 25magazines’ Ask Bohmer column / Copyright Bohmer’s Tree Care.)