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Just another day on the job as we uncovered a busy beehive inside a tree we were removing from local school Russell Vale Public School! We were doing some removals and pruning from the school grounds before the students fully returned plus on weekends when none were present (so it was safer), and we uncovered a significant beehive inhabiting the interior of the trunk base.

The experts at Illawarra Beehive Club were soon on the scene to safely remove and rehome the Queen and colony, whilst teacher Ms Brody also happened to have her beekeeper on hand and we were glad to have her wealth of knowledge and hands on experience available also.

Check out this video of her in action here!  {The students loved seeing this of their teacher – she’s the school’s superhero!}

Learning from the Beekeeper at school

We have had numerous encounters with beehives – including many that have resulted in stings to the face from high up during a job (not pleasant) – however it’s always enthralling to observe the ‘hive’ of activity that follows whilst respecting Mother Nature.

Luckily there were no students on site to get scared or excited as it may have resulted in a unwanted sting, however it would have made an excellent real-life nature lesson to see the hive up close, how honey is produced and observe and appreciate these fascinating and necessary insects. Plus how to rehome them in an environmentally friendly way.

The noise of our Enterprise Chipper did stir them up though – as have the noise of our drones in the past!

See some videos of the day below.