Australian Bushfire Revival: Roads to Recovery in Pictures

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When the recent bushfires swept through our South Coast communities, it seemed like our stunning and much-loved landscape was lost forever. However we see on a daily basis how it is showing new signs of life – thanks to Mother Nature.

Check out this excellent edition of local magazine South Coaster (see P12-14), which features some stunning images caught on camera by award winning photographer Chris Duczynski alongside inspiring stories about the revitalisation of our amazing South Coast and the top spots to see them for yourself.

Another example of the beauty that is rising from the flames (hence the term ‘Phoenix Trees’) can be seen on this blog: 

We hope it gives you hope and encourages you to continue supporting the organisations and charities that still desperately need your assistance – in particularly those that treat injured and displaced wildlife that were lucky to survive.

We will also continue to support this specific organisation, which plants trees on our behalf if and when removal is necessary.