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We took a quick break off a job on site recently to chat all things business, challenges and awards for a chat with Paul from the award winning Corrimal Chamber of Commerce (voted #1 at the NSW Business Chamber Awards).

‘Boultee’ as he’s commonly known (by many!) took time out from his own busy schedule to discuss how we have managed to achieve so much success ourselves and how we were handling current challenges that the Coronavirus was creating.

We feel fortunate that – unlike many others – our business has not been negatively affected, plus that we get to live in such a special place we can call home, get to work with and spend time with our families and be in a lucky enough position to ‘give back’.

Regardless of what challenges we have come up against, it’s always community that keeps things afloat – and we will continue to work with and support others as they have done for us during the good and the tough times.

(See more on community work we do and connections we cherish here.)

As with all interviews. it’s a wonderful opportunity to take time out from our demanding schedules to be reminded of both the small and the big wins – and of course to keep focused on the big picture even when things do slow down.

Check out Corrimal Chamber’s Instagram for the full chat.

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