Tree Removal

Tree Removal

Referred to by many as ‘tree lopping’, the expertise, care and due diligence that we put into removing a tree – including qualified research to consider if necessary to remove at all – is so much more than simply ‘lopping’ (or chopping) down a tree, which other tree removal services may do with little or no consultation or consideration for consequences (which could fall back onto the property owner).

In fact, for us Tree Removal is the last resort – we’d rather keep trees healthy and safe.
(We even donate to Carbon Positive Ausralia, who re/plant trees that we do have to remove on our behalf.)

Bohmer’s Tree Care are specialists in offering secure tree removal services, adhering to best practices in all operations, including carefully lowering branches to minimise impact on other trees, habitats and a customer’s property or neighbouring properties.

This includes utilising a range of high quality equipment, which combined with our crew’s expertise and careful approach is why we have such a strong positive reputation as the number one tree removal company with local councils and Govt agencies, who select Bohmer’s Tree Care as their contracted specialists to inspect a tree (or a range of trees) and remove if it has become diseased, is dead and/or is posing potential safety risks for a homeowner or the community.

Tree Removal - Bohmer's Tree Care

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